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Eyetop Video Glasses Mini-review

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Thanks for the review. I noted on Ebay there several brands available for about the same price-Canon and Sony. Don't know which were new or used, but the question is, $ notwithstanding, which unit is the best-for RC purposes? Maybe this isn't a reasonable question unless you've tried several.

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There are two main styles of glasses I have seen on ebay. The style sold by Sony, Canon and Olympus (and others I am sure) present both eyes with a video image. When you are wearing this style of video glasses, you pretty much are not looking at anything else. They are generally completely opaque and are great for "complete immersion".

Eyetop glasses are unique because only one eye is presented with a video image, and even that is slightly off to the side, such that you can look up and focus your attention on the airplane with both eyes, and then sneak a peek at the video by glancing to the right. Notice I say "sneak a peek". You would not want to remotely pilot a plane with the Eyetops for any extended period of time, because glancing to the side is surprisingly tiring. Also, the flicker I mention in my review could get tiring after a while.

So which is best? It depends on what you want to accomplish. I do a lot of low level aerial video, and I'm going to be getting more into aerial photography. In each of these cases I need to see where the plane is at the same time that I see what is being captured on video (or by the digital camera). The Eyetops win hands down for this purpose. Other users can chime in and say why they find the Sony, Canon, et. al. more useful for their purpose.

Kind Regards,


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Like Bill said, it all depends on what you want to do with them. If you want to remotely pilot, using only the video, the total imersion type are probably better, but you will need a backup pilot with you to watch the plane. The EyeTop type are great as a viewfinder for remote videos and photos, and also for displaying telemetry data. I have seen these see-thru monocular types of displays refered to as "augmented reality" devices. There are better devices than the EyeTop for this purpose, but they also have much higher prices.


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