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RC cars can fly follow-up

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I am interested on the special project "RC cars can fly" and i'm preparing to make one. I was just wondering if the author was able to solve the pulse proportional encoder for rudder control. Or if anyone has a schematic diagram for converting the tx2 for pulse proportional encoder that is perfect match for magnetic actuators.

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I was never really happy with the performance. The frame rate was too slow, a limitation due to the Tx2/Rx2 encoder/decoder chip set. I found that the 3PPS pulse rate was just too waggy (but it did work). In any event, that project was retired two years ago and the details are buried in the archives. It would be too much work to restore the files.

I came across another fellow that did essentially the same thing. He seems happy with the slow frame rate. Here are the details that he posted on another web site: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.ph...69&postcount=46

Are you a recent hackaday visitor? :)

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