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27mhz rc tank + CB antenna and amp?

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I have 2 1/24 tanks that i am mounting wireless night vision cams to so i can drive them around the back yard at night and see whats crawling around the back yard at night (and shoot BBs at them) the 800mw cam thats on its way has a couple times the range (in theory) of the tank. I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with modding RC transmitters for longer range.

I've seen small cheap 27mhz amplifiers in france http://www.jr-international.fr/modules.php...ue&itm_ref=8174

that i could use, BUT i'm not sure what connections need to be made

IS there anyway to hook up a GOOD CB antenna to an rc remote that would increase its range.... the wavelenth at 27mhz is 11METERS! and a longer antenna could be very helpfull if i could get it to just the right length. What materials are best for making an antenna???

anyway. hope there are some ideas out there.

ps, keep in mind i paid 50 bucks for the lil tanks. buying a new transmitter and electronics for the tank would cost several times more than i paid for the whole tank. :unsure:

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Wow. I wanna know if you every got this figured out. I am trying to do the same thing right now. I have a 1 watt camera in the tank and it gets way farther than the transmitter. also I am using an old airplane transmitter reciever at 72 mhz....I notice the dte on this post has been awhile I hope you reply and have found several solutions....

we will figure this out.

chat later


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