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My surface based pan/Tilt/camera/cctv combo is a power management nightmare.

The 75Mhz Rx requires 4.8V, the camera requires 7.2V, and the CCTV Tx requires 12V.

Until now, I have been using the camera's on board battery pack to power the camera, but this has proven to be the "weak link" in the system. I have been using a 12V battery pack and a step down voltage regultaor to get the 4.8V. This works just fine, but now I would like the camera to draw power from the main battery source.

I have ordered a 7.2V 3300mAh battery pack as the main supply. I will use a step-up voltage regulator to get the 12V required for the CCTV Tx.

My Hitech Eclipse 7 says that the digital servos can take the 7.2V, but I may opt to use conventional servos. It would be nice to eliminate the 4.8V converter and power the Rx and servos directly from the 7.2v source.

Will this ring the death nell for my conventional servos?


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