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altitude logger

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I am looking into building a altitude logger. I found a sensor MS5534-BP from Intersema and it has a A/D intergrated in the same chip. Does anyone have any idea on connecting this with a PIC and eeprom for later downloading info?

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I've build an altimeter circuit using a MPX4115A. I'm into the testing phase but it seems to work quite well.

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look at the ZLOG by hexpert systems. It is small light and will store all of your flight for download later, including max altitude, it also has an lcd display.

Key Features

Onboard display shows altitude information in real-time.

Tracks maximum altitude - find out how high your aircraft flew!

Display and record altitude in feet or meters.

Altitude resolution of 1 foot/meter.

Record altitude data for later review.

Configurable data recording rate as fasta as 10 samples per second.

PC Interface for configuration and data download, plot, and analysis.

Onboard controls allow configuration in the field.

Include PC software.

Marks altitude data when triggered from an external signal.

Exports data in Excel .csv format or as bitmap or JPEG images.

Accepts wide range of input power: 4 - 15 volts. Power from your aircraft receiver.

Firmware upgradeable.

Only 12 grams.

2.6" x 1.0" x 0.3".



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