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GPS altitude is not very precise, especially at high altitude (had my GPS when flying last week, and at 10'000m the error was more than 1'000m)... I wouldn't rely on it if more than 20-30m precision is required and at reasonable altitude...

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Off hand I don't know altitude tolerances with WAAS, I am sure someone can look it up this evening. The beauty of WAAS compared to DGPS is no extra receiver. Its just another highly accurate GPS satellite for maritime use mostly.

If you could find a GPS receiver that would take USA's GPS and Russia's GLONASS you should increase accuracy.

If you can decipher the meaning of all the tables and graphs here is a page that talks about WAAS.


Hope thats some help,

Matt Klarich

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The goal of WAAS is to obtain at least a 7-meter horizontal and vertical accuracy

Okay, thanks. Stupid we don't have WAAS here, as nearly all GPS receivers are compatible :(

Let's wait a couple of years, Europe is planning to create a new system...

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