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Hi There

I have seen a lot posted about THe HONG KONG 1.2Ghz set up not being 1.2 Ghz.

I have one of these set ups and I would love to know

a) where can i get a fequency counter

B) which one do I need and

c) how do I use it

any halp would be much appreciated

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I also have a 1.2 system. I need to know exactly what frequency it operates on so I can build a patch antenna. I have tried asking Radio Shack and various other TV repair shops if they have a frequency counter and no one seems to know what I'm talking about. I would love some help, if anybody has any suggestions!

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I am still looking and will post here if I find anything out.

I have built a goof proof patch anyway based on the assumption that my HK system is running on what seems to be a common 1.06 GHz. The weather in my part of the UK ( Hertfordshire) has not allowed me to test the patch in the air but I reckon I am geting X2 range at ground level down my street ( not a good test facility). which is encouraging.

When I get some results I will post here

My Patch is made of Brass with a screw in F type satellite fitting screwed into the ANT socket Wish Me Luck

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I dont think I mentioned it but I picked up a pair of Olympus eyetrek gasses on Ebay for £77 absolutely brilliant. Have just got back from flying and tried out my Hong Kong 1.2Ghz gear. I built a scaled up Goof Proof Patch and mounted it on to the RX with an F connector ( from what I have read I guessed that my 1.2 set was probably 1.1 so I scaled the patch to that size)

The tx ant was 110mm long so I lopped it to 65mm The results were astounding !!! Flying a 1/5 scale stearman a long way off (400m?) I had some dropouts and the cmos camera quality was crud but heck it worked

I had the camera facing forwards attached to a cabane strut with the pp3 taped to the strut and I viewed through the eye treks while my mate flew then we swapped over.

The eye treks do need 240V but I have an inverter so it was portable

We are having a bit of a vibration problem as the camera was hastily fitted and may not have been shock proofed enough , any ideas on camera mounting.

The next trial will be with my 5m scale slope soarer ASW17 . I will attempt to fly the beast through the eye treks with my mate on a buddy lead for safety.

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