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Aiptek 1.3 switch question from newbie

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I am a newbie to both PIC programming and this forum, so please excuse this if it is a stupid question:

Just out of curiosity, does the pic used for this project have to be a PIC12C508? Could other chips be substituted? I have been using only the PIC12F675 so far, and I'm not familiar with the specs on the different chips.

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The PIC12C508 is a member of Microchip's 12-bit MCU family. You will not be able to use the PIC12F675 -- it is a 14-bit MCU.

For CamMan, you can use a PIC12C508, 508A, 509, or 509A. The "A" parts are best. Or if your programmer supports it, you could try the new PIC12F508/509 parts.

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When I decided to try this, I really didn't want to buy/build a PIC programer.

No one would burn me a copy of the code on to a chip for me (copyright issues).

So I was stuck, then I found this mod http://aiptekmod.webhop.net/

It does seem to work, I too am just starting out, and plan on the first test this Saturday.

So far (of everything I have read) this is the simplest mod of all to do (for me anyways).

I have 1 word of caution, I blew my flash memory chip (already repaired), I do not believe it was this mod that blew it, but only time will tell.

Newbie's $.02 worth


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The USB solution is very complicated. It requires a USB Host controller and camera specific protocols (each camera is different). It does not help that most camera mfg's do not publish their protocols. This makes it an unattractive project to develope.

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Would the protocol be a steady signal to one or more lines? In other words, could you monitor the USB lines for a hi or a low state while operating the camera from the computer software, and by actuating the shutter via the USB determine what the protocol is for shutter actuation?



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It is a very complex protocol that involves an exhange of intelligent data between the USB host and the USB device. It is performed at a very high speed -- a typical microcontroller could not bit-bang it out. Some of the newer cameras have OTG (On The Go) USB. This might ease some of the pain, but still a very tough design job.

Some useful info is here: Cypress USB.

Frankly, hacking a camera to solder some wires across the shutter switch is an absolute cakewalk compared to any USB Host or OTG controller circuit that would need to be built. Especially on an Aiptek 1.3 -- there are an endless string of success stories from other folks that did that, including those that went all the way and used the CamMan PIC to decode the R/C signal.

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Hi there,

Sorry for my bad englisch.

As i'm also an newby i would like to ask if there is an hex file and schematic for the pencam 1.3 switch for an PIC 16f84(a) or 16f628.

Why.... because i do not have any 12cXXX of 12FXXX pic's.( anymore)

I seems i cant get those programmed and destroyed a the few i had.

But i have many of the 16f84 and 628.

and programing those works perfect.

So im not asking for any source code..would be nice to, but i would already be glad with an working hex file.

regards Rene

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