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Inexpensive VR glasses......

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I actually have a pair of these. Haven't found them on Ebay though, but the price is correct.

Of course it's not the quality of a Sony set, but for the price it's a good deal. The electronics are good, the colors very saturated. You just have to adjust brightness a bit according to the source.

Where they've saved is on the optics. There are just 2 small lenses for each eye, compared to the big and heavy glass blocks of a PLM-A35. The displays are straight behind, not at the top. The consequence is that you have to have the HMD well centered to have a clear picture. If you move it left or right you will get a blurry one. I was having problems because my eyes are quite close to each other (also having this problem with binoculars), so I didn't manage to have both screens clear at the same time. But I've taken them apart and modified a bit the screen positions, and now it's better. Before modifying them I had a friend try them, and it was OK for him, so maybe it's me.

The simulated screen is smaller than on Sony models (At least PLM-A35, PLM-A55 and PLM-S700 which I've tested).

On the technical part, I was quite amazed on how it works:

The LCDs are 320x240 B/W. There is a tricolor (RGB) SMD LED behind each screen that serves as backlight. Colors are formed like in DLP projectors, that is in applying the red image while turning on the red LED, then applying the green image and turning on the green LED, and so on.

The LED backlight has a BIG advantage over the standard CCFL: it doesn't drain lots of power. The battery lasts really long, they said 5h if I remember, and I've never drained it to the end yet.

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