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Hi again people. I have a question fo you all

Is there available, a plug and play TX with a 10 mw output that is compatible with one of Matt Klarich's diversity receivers

I am desperate to get a setup that is LEGAL in the UK

Do Uk tx's operate on the same freuency sets ?

set 1 2.410 2.430 2.450 2.470

set 2 2.413 2.433 2.453 2.473

Can I buy a 50Mw Tx that has been "dumbed down" to 10mw

All I really want is good stuff I can use in UK

Any ideas

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All of my UK legal transmitters work on 2414,2432,2450,2468 but the stereo units dont work with audio on the mono ones, or the other way round. Also some units use different video, ie compressed or negative but 95% are compatable these days.


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Hi terry

Thanks for that I just found a Tx at Maplin with the following specs

Input voltage = 12 V DC

Power input (Current drawn) = 120mA

Frequency Deviation = 200KHz

Output power 10mW (12V DC, 50 Ohm load)

Audio input = High impedance, 2V p-p

Audio sub carrier = 6.5MHz

Video input = 75 Ohm, 1 V p-p

Frequency 2.434,2.453,2.473 & 2.411 GHz

Operating temp 0-40 deg C

Dimensions 55 x 37 x 12 mm

2.453 & 2.473 match with Matt Klarich's freq set 2 diversity RX Ive asked him if its a match



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Thats odd, I just checked my Maplin TX and its 2413,2432,2451,2470. My receiver seems to lock on to it fine even though it slightly off.


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What brand transmitter and receiver are you using? Depending on the receiver I might be able to use their brand. Also we ran into a supply issue with the diversity receiver, of course as soon as we release our product the video receiver company makes a design change to the receiver case. Still all the same stuff inside the receiver just a different case. So now I have to find a new enclosure to attach the receivers to.

They added 4 more channels though making a total of eight channels and there may be one that matches to your frequencies. I will check on the new 4 channels.

Matt Klarich

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The issue goes beyond just matching frequencies. Different manufacturers manage their video pre-emphasis and de-emphasis differently. You might get a snow-free signal, but the image could be washed out or too dim.

Better to buy them as a matched set.


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