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Sony U20

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First I´d like to thank you for this forum it´s realy a great place to learn about UAV´s

and a source for ideas...

soon I´ll post some pictures of a UAV I´ve built with some friends...well it´s not a real uav yet, but we´ve flyed it through a camera and a camcorder viewfinder fixed on a skatboarding helmet....it´s a beggining :)) It´s like the MS flight simulator but in the real world...

I have a problem with my dsc-u20...wile opening it I acidentaly short circuited it, I guess it´s the power conversor on the board that conects to the LCD, but because I dont have the service manual I can´t figure the ref. of the component, so I´m writing to someone ho can help me, to someone ho can mail me a .pdf service manual.

If anyone can help please send to


thanks in advance

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