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how to connect existing antenna to GP patch antenn

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I see that a lowly 3-pin header is used with the center pin for the driven element. It is hard to tell in the photo, but I suppose the two outer pins are RF ground. Your ohmmeter would tell for sure.

My advice is to totally remove the 3-pin header. From the backside of the board, directly solder an SMA chassis connector (look through Digikey's catalog to find a good candidate). Be sure the body of the connector has a decent RF ground path to the board's ground pads (at the 3-pin area). Once the SMA is mounted, you will have a place to install the GP Patch antenna.

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hi rc-man!

okay, i will do that. as i am from germany, i will have to check for dealers for sma connectors, but that should not be a problem.

i will keep you updated about the progress.

one small question: what about CamMan for Sony DSC-P 200? any news already?

that should be the perfect RC cam for high res pictures. using it normally and it takes awesome pictures.



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what about CamMan for Sony DSC-P 200?

I suspect that one of the existing CamMan PIC series would work in that camera. The technical details to the I/O pins on the various PIC designs are found in each project. Armed with the provided info, you could determine which one would work in nearly any digital camera.

Then it becomes just a matter of finding out how to hack each camera. That part is a job beyond my available time and financial resources. So, I leave that up to all you hackers out there.

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gr├╝tzi ind schwitz!

conrad (and other german dealers) only offer the male part for pcb. but i could not find the female parts (there are some but not for pcb mounting). and as you know my pcb (see above) i need male and female.

and amphenol will only sell in 100 packs. anyone needing 98 antennas??

i will use smb connectors. will this also work? i guess only difference is that they are not screwed together, but snapped. advantage would be that antenna can be taken off easily.



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Hm, check part no. 742775-55, that's a female PCB one. And you won't find a male PCB version easily, as males are normally used on antenna side...

BTW I don't see both genders for SMB either... but I know that the Swiss catalog is different from yours, so maybe....

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