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Bill Harris

KISS ESV for Lipos

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One of the useful field tools is a voltmeter to keep a check on our flight battery packs. One thing that I've used for years with my 4.8V NiCad Rx packs is a simple Expanded Scale Voltmeter (ESV), either store-bought or DIY.

I can see that this type of ESV can be as useful with Lipo packs, too. On Brent Dane's RC Electronics Page ( http://www.cliftech.com/ ) he has the "Hotchek" ESV project based on the National Semiconductor LM3914 Dot-Bar Display Driver chip ( http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM3914.html ).

This is still in the "R&D Phase" with me, but I've got parts on order to make a 3S Lipo voltmeter.


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