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Crash Pilot1

CamMan-Sony DSC-U20

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Just completed the CamMan project tonight.

It is great to find out that everything works when you get everthing back together.

I cheated and paid the senior tech from the local electronics company to do the 4 surface mount soldered joints on the camera. I thought it was better to pay $20 then to damaged the camera.

The hardest thing I found was getting the camera back together with the additional 4 wires. It would have been easier if I used a smaller gauge wire. But everything went back together nicely in the end without any breakages.

No matter how carefull I was I still managed to get a boot from the 200v flash.


Has anyone built a GPS trigger that will trigger the camera when it hit a preset waypoint. I know the AP4 autopilot has this function. You go into the route on your gps and change the waypoint name to a curtain name and when you hit that waypoint it them activates the camera. It would be nice to add this function to my RCAP.

Crash Pilot1

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