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Well Here it is at long last - The first decentish video from a model aeroplane that I have been able to acieve to date.

It is a big file at 34Meg but if your connection can handle it it can be found at:


The camera is a bullet type helmet cam from rf concepts sporting 480 TVL powered by a 4.8 nicad via a dc dc converter ( Thanks Mr RC Cam)

The recoring is done on board by a Mustek PVR A1 strapped to the centre section

The ant you can see in the pilot space is for a 2.4 GHZ down link but it is not in use.

2 video sequences were shot , one faing forward and one facing aft these were then spliced together in Movie Maker and the audio etc added.

let me know what you think and what might be the best "save as " compression ratio to use to get it even better


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Yeah, air-to-air video thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

So nice, always wanted to do this, but it's relatively difficult :lol:

Tried once in FPV mode, but the two planes really had too different speed ranges. It was also the time where we still had ugly video due to VCR recording..

The A1 recording is good, and your compression settings also. Would be nice to see once the result on a sunny day, if I remember well the A1 seemed to pixelate more with a light picture..

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Funny you should say that ! I have done some more on a sunny day and all seemed ok. Played back on the A1 and PC MP10 no bother.

When I came to import the video into Movie Maker MM said the file could not be imported as it had not been indexed ( I think this may be my fault as I renamed the file while it was still in the PVR H: drive))

I had to down load MS encoder and that allowed me to import the file. trouble was it had made it jerky and pixelated in places, especially around the prop strobing

Perhaps I should have just transferred the file to my PC then renamed it.

Our aim is to get some really good air to air footage. My system is ok if you have two really good pilots (we are not) but Group Leader has the answer I think with his pan and tilt mechanism we just need to get his camera sorted out


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The index issue is not your fault, but due to the A1. Sometimes it creates crappy files. It happens sometimes with all the pocket recorders I've tested :(

Usually you can't seek in the file in movie player when it happens.

My lyra sometimes used to create files it could not even read itself, saying "unsupported format". Stupid and unrecoverable. And Murphy's law assures that it's always when you just got a nice video :angry:

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