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I'm baaaack...

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Hey, Greg Courville here. You may remember me as the one who wanted to mod an xCam2 for increased power, kept asking questions about amplifier chips, and spammed the group with messages trying to sell a bunch of worthless junk for money to build my plane.

Well, I now have a ham license (KG6SGY), so I can legally perform the xCam2 mods I mentioned, but now I'm not interested in that anymore; I'm gonna build a 2-watt ATV transmitter! Yeah, I know, "good luck putting that on a plane".

Actually, other hobbies have taken over, and there's a long way to go before I can get back to plane-building. I'm currently designing a combat robot ("BattleBot"), writing a GPS navigation software package for Palm handhelds, building an amateur radio satellite station, and juggling high school assignments, all at once!

By the way, I got a neat, TINY little color camera for $30... it's about the size of a quarter and about 1/2-inch thick. That should make for a good "RC-CAM"!

When I finally get back to my airplane project, I'm going to dump the ancient Cessna kit and go with a new Mid-Star 40. Anybody got an opinion on this kit?

73 de KG6SGY!

-Greg Courville

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