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hello to you al,

i am rc flight hobbyist from belgium ( oostende ),

i have instald on my plane a smal rc cam i gues hong-kong made on a mount of servo's for a 360° view.

but i gos only 200 meters !?

i realy like to buy a system that can transmit for several kilometers.

with a kind of a program for on my laptop that displays the hight , speed , voltage , with a real time vidio view, and that i can make picters real time stored on my hard disk..

i have seen on the internet that such more sophisticated programs and hardware cost's more than i ever can oford!

where do i begin ?

i hope that sombody can help me where or what that i can do ,to achief a piece of my skyview fantasie for a reasenble pricing.

i thank al of you, that take the time to read this post

sincerly freepride


ps: picter is my pour litle rc collor video/sound cam reciever and smal tv monitor


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200 meters is the normal range for these Hong-Kong systems. If you want a better range, buy a system from http://www.blackwidowav.com !

I think Mrcam is currently building a telemetry system to display informations on screen...

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thank you for the cam info,

is it a good firm to order from ?

i have intrest's in the 600mw Brown Bag Kit system.

wil the telemetry system be availeble to the members of this forum ?

the telemetry system ,works only with other hardwere in tha plane such as hight , air speed , ground speed ,and voltage , time . ( projected on the video screen )

i am ot a electronic freek , but i like to have thise sytems to :rolleyes:

becouse it would gives me a good information about the flight 's!

what you think it would cost's me to compleet my wiches ?

thank you



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I think in Belgium you are limited to 10mW output power in the 2.4GHz band. I'm not sure but you could perhaps investigate before buying something.

In any case 600mW power is certainly forbidden.

You can check for instance the "Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad" of January 7th, 2005 here

Regards from Namur

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I also have a question about the video RX you have bought. (Hong Kong stuff)....

How do you power it? Using a 9V battery or a 9-12 V DC transformer?

I'm afraid to use a 12V transfo, I think it may burn out the RX when I try this.

Although it says 9-12 V DC.

What do they actually mean by this? 9 to 12 V? or minimum 9 V and max 12 V?

Why do they do this? Can't they just say 12V.... So I don't have to worry about

over powering the RX?

Can You advise me on what power source to use?

I also live in Belgium, near Bruges.


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The manufacturers rate it conservatively. Those voltages are mentioned just because they are the two common sizes of batteries that fall into the range that the onboard voltage regulator will handle. The input can increase or decrease voltage to a point, and still operate the equipment OK. It is most likely you can vary from 6 volts all the way up to 18 volts. It depends on the specs or rating of the fixed regulator in the camera/AV gear. You can operate it off of a 9 volt battery, a 12 volt battery, a power supply or wall wart transformer provided it puts out a rectified and filtered DC voltage. (9 to 12 VAC is not OK)

Simply put, the onboard regulator puts out a fixed voltage needed to operate the camera and transmitter. You don’t have any control over that voltage. All you need to do is give the unit anywhere from 9 to 12 VDC to meet the input requirement of that regulator. (I’m certain 6 to 18 volts would be just fine.) But it’s not common to find other than 9 or 12 volt sources. You can relax. ;)

That having been said though, If a unit specifies 12 VDC only, or 5 VDC only etc, it likely does not have a regulator so you must stay pretty close to it's rating.


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