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i need some good afordeble rc cam equipment

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hello to you al,

i am rc flight hobbyist from belgium ( oostende ),

i have instald on my plane a smal rc cam i gues hong-kong made on a mount of servo's for a 360° view.

but i gos only 200 meters !?

i realy like to buy a system that can transmit for several kilometers.

with a kind of a program for on my laptop that displays the hight , speed , voltage , with a real time vidio view, and that i can make picters real time stored on my hard disk..

i have seen on the internet that such more sophisticated programs and hardware cost's more than i ever can oford!

where do i begin ?

i hope that sombody can help me where or what that i can do ,to achief a piece of my skyview fantasie for a reasenble pricing.

i thank al of you, that take the time to read this post

sincerly freepride

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