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I'm new to this forum ,so I hope I'm in the right place .

I am in the UK and have picked up on the camera project on www.rc-cam.com .

I have read each of the stages of that project and have looked at some of the forum archives, so I hope I have done what reasearch I can.

I am very keen to try the RC-Cam4 project.

Can someone tell me what the preferred camera is now that the Panasonic GP-CX161 is obsolete and it would appear that the GP-KX161 is going the same way.

I have looked at so many web sites I cant remember which one ,but I have seen a letter on one from Panasonic saying they are stopping these cameras altogether.

I have the added complication of requiring the PAL version as designated by the E suffix.

So ,I suppose my question is.

Where can I get a GP-CX161/53E or GP-KX121/51E or what alternatives are there, bearing in mind I need the PAL version.

I dont think either of the suggested suppliers (Supercircuits or Digikey can Help)

Using suppliers in the states is not a problem,because I have relatives that visit regularly

Hope someone can help

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I picked up my KX121s with 51 degree lens at DigiKey. They were about 90 USD ea. I believe. I don't know about the PAL version though. I imagine if you ordered it from the UK it would be PAL.

If you go to their site http://uk.digikey.com/DigiHome.html and put KX121 in the search box with the results you wil see at top right hand corner there is a link to do live one on one chat with a rep.

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I ran out of the CX161 PAL, but take heart! I have a good supply of the KX121 PAL with 51 degree lense.

Best of all, you don't have to wait for your relatives to fly over 'cause I'll ship it right to your door.



(Black Widow A/V)

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