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Camera download feedback to RC gear

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My stepson presented me with a PenCam 1.3m modified with the CamMan-Aiptex project. It works great on my sailplane. When I download the pictures, my planes battery is turned off and there are no batteries in the camera. When the computer-to-camera cable is connected one of the servos comes alive and moves to a new position. My question is whether or not damage is being done to my receiver or servos and should I disconnect the PenCam from the receiver everytime I download the camera. I have repeated this process several times and there is no damage thus far.

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No damage is expected. However, in this configuration, the PC is supplying power to all the servos and the Rx. Random RF noise might cause a servo to move to an illegal position and stress the gears. It would be best to unplug the camera's servo cable before a download (just install it on an extension and unplug mid-way).

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