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Hi all

I was looking to use the MAX761 to provide power to a 12v transmitter from a 4.8v battery pack but my lack of experence has come to play.

I got a couple of sample chips (great service these companys provide) and have the data sheets http://pdfserv.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX761-MAX762.pdf

but I still dont know how to put together a simple no frills circuit. Can I use the first circuit shown? Its all the others that have thrown me off track.


can anyone point me in the right direction or provide a circuit to use?

Thanks for any help


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You can use the application circuit. However, you will need to create a carefully arranged printed circuit board. Otherwise, circuit performance, and EMI/RFI issues, will probably cause you grief.

Have you thought about using the TI PowerTrend PT5041 device? With a careful installation, it works well, and cost only $15 here in the USA (digikey.com).

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