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13.8 VDC transfo to RX

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Another question from a newbie:

I recently bought myself a brand new hong kong stuff pinhole camera.

Reading all the posts here, I noticed it is best to use a regulated 12VDC source on

the RX to avoid drifting of the frequency. (instead of a 9 V battery)

But now I got myself an old regulated 13.8 VDC power source with 4 watts of power. They used to power a stand with car-radio's with this device.

Can anyone tell me if it will blow up my 9-12 VDC RX?

Maybe the power device is to heavy for my RX?

I posted a question in this matter before and someone told me not to worry because the RX has a build in voltage regulator.

But then again the device says 9-12 VDC.

What about a higher voltage? 13.8 instead of 12 VDC

Maybe a newbie question but I already blew up a RX, misreading the output of a transfo... AC instead of DC (ouch)....

Anyone up to inform a newbie? :blink:

Kind regards

Moose from Belgium (Flanders)

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I think you mean 4A not 4W ? anyway I dont know for sure with out seeing it but I would not chance it. 12v regulated PSU's are cheap to come by so I dont think its worth the risk, I have lots as they seem to come with everything you buy these days. I take it that your flying site has mains supply ?


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Thnx for the intell,

MMM, yes maybe it's better to just not take the risk.

And yes, I mean 4A.

Sry for that.

anyway, I'll try to get my hands on a simple wall plug 12 V DC

K, thanks again,

Kind regards


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