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camera movement follow headset movement

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I just got a call from the seller literally a miniute before I was about to phone them to sort out the details, 1st time seller who has only previously been buying things so was a little hazy about receiving payment/posting etc., anyway they found the PSU and gave it a test and all is well, I'll receive them in just over a week when they've got time to post them.

Looking forward to using them because I just haven't been too happy with the glasses I do have - Olympus FMD200, iTheater, Rimax 4.0 (dumped back on eBay), and am hoping these Sony Glasstrons really are worth the money I bid for them (£315).

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Intersense intertrax: $1799 Australian dollard

everything look expensive there


You can plug the intertrax in the usb port. It's similar to the the Gyromouse from Gyration, you can put this mouse on your head and you will have similar result as the intertrax, I already read that somewhere. It will not be easy to find a way to make it compatible with our radio.

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I've seen a couple of sites like that which have specialized VR type hardware at higher than expected prices, I presume they're aiming towards selling to businesses than individuals at those prices.

I think it's the InterTrax2 that has USB or mouse port connectors, the one I'm getting plugs into the mouse port. I imagine it may be possible to program a PIC to decode the standard mouse signal from the InterTrax but that's out of my league so I'll leave it be.

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Hi everybody!

Yeah I was wondering about that as well :( I was also wondering if VRFLYER had received and tested the sample piece. This would be kind of a breakthrough if all goes well because of the reachable price.

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Well as to continue what was started earlier regarding the $150.00 Head Tracker, this is the current news.

The delays was apparently due to shipment of some electronic parts from the U.S.

The longer-term plan will be to sell them as kits, to keep cost down, but the first batch Anthony(from Aeropix) will assemble them himself. Apparently its pretty simple to put together, so he envision to get the first 10-20 in a couple of days.

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I wrote aeropix an email as well and got the answer, that the gyro parts are delayed. I realy very interested in the device, but would prefer to got an review or at least the manual before it put my order.

Can you tell anything about the performance, compatibility and handling compared to the www.rc-tech.ch device?



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That's wonderful Denis! Great news to all of us who share the same passion for this art but can't afford the high cost of some components.

I assume Head Tracker behaves the same as Gyrocontrol with how it's hooked up and what radio controls to use etc....

BTW Denis.... you most likely got many of us newbies into this FPV world because of your Bromont video. Then you shower us with your help/advice. Do you get anything back? Just something that has been in my mind for quite some time.....

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Hum, good question, you are not alone to be curious...

I did not made money, not a penny. It's normal, I do not made the Gyro, André from RC-tech made it. But I became very popular, that's it's even better. In the future I beleive I will have a great life , but not rich.

I began to test Beta unit like the TrackR1 and I received also one transmiter and receiver from AeroPix free for test. Presently I try to get a free Headset from a small cie, They sell the perfect headset at low cower cost, but I never try it, if I can get a hand on it for free, I will be able to evaluate it then guide peoples where to buy it. Perhaps in the future, I will not need to solicitate, cies will offer me to evaluate their new OSD etc...

Today, three peoples in less than an hour come to me and already knew me, one see me on tv, two saw my videos, the third knowing even my real names :o.

I will perhaps work on the devellopement of Canadian UAV next summer, in fact I have many oppotunities, I will choose something I can handle, I'm not the high electronic engineer that somes peoples beleive, I have a lot of ideas and know when it's realisable or not.

I have a dream to make a good aerobatic spectacle, the planes follow the music, I sit looking at the crowd. Perhaps one day I will be invite in USA or Europe to show my spectacle. I can make money with my name.

So perhaps one day I will meet you somewhere...

Now I must finish the TrackR1 demo.

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Well I believe you will do well with your name and most likely are having a great life! It nice to have fun with this and to expand your creativity, the added nice part is the recognition.... for just having fun! Anyhow maybe we might meet someday. Like you said before, you wouldn't mind seeing the pacific part of Canada. When you do don't hesitate to let me know, you can stay either at my place or onboad my friends' 30' (also a fan of yours & a Montrealer.) sailboat at Maple Bay Yatch Club. As for a vehicle, yeah I have a few you can choose from to borrow while your stay here. Anyhow it's pretty cold and snowy now, so best to ejoy our area in the summer! I better let you go and finsh your TrackR1 demo!

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JMS, I will not forget your offer, next summer perhaps...

I made severals flights with the new headtracker from Anthony. The TrackR1 can follow my head movements at any speed, the camera is only limitated by the servos speed. When my head move slowly, the movements of the cam is very linear, fluide, no step at all. With my pan servo modified to allow 180 deg, I turn my head completly on the left, like normally I will do onboard a real planes and I see my left wing clearly, giving the felling to be in a real planes. Tilt axis is good either.

Only one button for everything, but it work very well (like ESC programmation). Pressing it for three second enter the programmation mode. A lot of possibility like 4 gain setting on each axis, reverse on both axis, setting max. limits of servos deflection, choose any pan & tilt channel etc. This button also can be push for 1.5 sec for recalibration of the sensor, to do so, the headset must remain motionless And a brief push allow to recenter the cam in flight after drift of the sensor or the pilot moved.

The TrackR1 have a light drift meanning it should be recenter occasionnaly in flight depending on the calibration of the sensor before take-off. Expected recalibrate each 3 min, That will also depend on the sensor, all sensor are not identical. To recenter, I look straight and push briefly the button, it's very fast.

I received the Beta version, PCB inside is well made, I think production PCB have the same layout. Through hole components are use. The circuit is simple and light, it will not add a significant weight on the headset. High frequency tone can be heard when the TrackR1 is close to the ear cause by the internal clock. Also a buzzer emit light beeps when calibrating at power up or when in the programmation mode. A beep is also heard during flight when the gyro reach center, it could be usefull for peoples who don't see parts of the planes to help knowing when the cam is at center. For myself, I see the dashboard, this beep become irritating. It's not possible to shut off this option in the programmation ( I put a tape on the buzzer hole, it's lower...).

Overall, I'm very satisfy of this product. At $150, it's a good price, it will be hard to find a simpler/cheaper solution than this to detect movements of the head. Drift is really not a problem, don't care about it.

You can view a Demo video on Google video:


It also possible to download a copy of my original there, but I never tried this site, can someone tell me if both link work ?



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Well done Denis!!!! I think Anthony ..... and everyone interested in the TrackR1 are pleased that you gave the two thunbs up on this device!

Oh by the way, your two links for your video works just fine!

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Just an update on Anthony's TrackR1; he's started assembling his first 20 head tracking device and a 20 page manual will be included. His website will be updated to provide a more detail info regarding this device which VRFlyer gave a two thumbs up!

Anthony has been exceptionally great at keeping me informed on his progress... a great communicator! I look forward to receiving my first two from him!!!!

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JMS thanks, but I dit then.

Hi Manolo,

For the moment, no, JR radios are really not ideal for headtracking.

Sorry I can't be of more help,

-- Anthony

Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 9:54 PM

Subject: Message from AeroPix.ch Electronics

but it will ask to him so that?

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I have seen an analogical sensor of inclination that provides a tension of proportional exit to the inclination degree.

Technical characteristics:

Rank of measurement + - 60º.

Resolution: 0,1 º.

Response time: 0.5 Sec. Feeding: 5V 1 mA. Weight 5 g. Sensitivity: 30 U.S.º.

Measures 15 xs 19 xs 12 mm.

price 40 € at the most.

serious better to use this instead of gyro?

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