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camera movement follow headset movement

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VRFlyer...aer you the same guy from Youtube?

I came here for him.

He has a very impressive gyro system with VR googles.


he is a Canadian.

How far can one go.

A Quadcopter that flyes a GPS path like the Microdrones, complete with VRGyroGoogle Camera all Data HUD Display ...

one guy flies, the other films.

This Sounds just like a military drone to me and I guess that this has all been done by some people already.

Only the price matters...

Yes it's me. You will find all the info on my system here.

I don't understand the last part: A Quadcopter that flyes a GPS...

P.s. I'm French Canadian, I don't understand everything in english :(

I rarely go beyond half kilometer but it's possible to reach two kilometer and up.

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Thnaks for the reply...I was a little fast with posting..I checked your profile later :D

" a drone that flies a GPS path"

I was talking about a system that can fly a programmed path using GPS Data.

like the microdrones that can be programmed to fly a path.


The Video signal can be transmitted over 8km legaly.

Is there a way to extend the range of the RemoteControle to go more than 2km?

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I don't know, I'm not an engineer, but you will find many on this forum, be patient, and you will have answer.

You can also find answer at RC-Groups forum in the UAV section

8KM is very far for video-piloting, you will need autopilot and GPS etc, you can not count only on radio link, it's not reliable, and if the planes lost radio link, it can fly several kilometers alone and God, or Devil only know where it will crash :(

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I have just discover here, Serge Laforest's HMT proyect. It's a great proyect and also it's free.


Have any of you try it?

I would like to try it. But it use channel 6 and 7 of the radio and already I'm usig channel 7 for second aileron.


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Hi Eladio,

By your request I will change the channel for you and I will add the software on my web site. I will put the different version so the people can use what they need ( for you I will call it HMT58 for channel 5 and 8)

But be aware that the local output on the module will be still channel 6 and 7 ( in fact this is just for test )

FYI, I still not have tested in flight my module because I still waiting for the LCD glasses ( since October......)



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Pretty hard as they're apparently not shipping yet...

But VGA only, certainly the usual same LCD's, and once again USB tracker - PC required.

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