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Ken M

help finding the right place on PCB

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I finally managed to program my first pic! :lol:

I should, however first have dissected my pencam and examined it...because now I find it isn´t that identical to the PenCam SD as I thought.

I have an Aiptek PenCam Trio. There is no video board on it, it doesn´t take video :D As the USB powered version of the CamMan trigger doesn´t need so many connected wires as the selfpowered version, I have found most places on the PCB that needs to be connected, all but one...

...one component that is, the one where wires D and E are connected. See this pic:


I have pics on the Trio PCB, and close-ups on this very corner. I´ve just found advice on how to post attachments from the Help-files for this newsboard, so I´ll try doing just that in a few follow-up messages after this one.

I`d be very happy of a little help on identifying the right places to solder the D and E wires to the PCB.

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Location "E" is ground. It can probably go to the USB's metal shell. Location "D" is V+. It needs to go to the main 3.3V power buss in the camera. There is no way to tell from the photos where that would be. But, I would expect that one of those large electroytic caps is across the 3.3V power supply. That is about as much as I can offer.

The Trio is a low resolution camera so do not expect stunning photos from it. The Pencam Mini and SD cameras are preferred.

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