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Hi folk !

I realize a telemetry project with a GPS (and other sensors) on a plane.

I can transmit gps nmea data (and decode with dll) arround 5 km and I can not do the relationship between a map (a jpeg picture) and gps points...so that I can track my plane.

That's the only thing in my softeware developpement that I miss.

If someone already did it and will help me to finish this project, It will be great !

I am using Maxstream embedded modem with gps RGM3000 from RoyalTek. The ground station is a PC with an Visual Studio C/C++ sofetware that include video and data view from the plane.

I miss a map with realtime tracking...

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I am a remote sensing specialist (aerial photographer/Lidar). Check out this software. I use this in a full size airplane/helicopter, and I will use this for tracking my R/C UAV. Note* It may be possible to use Microsoft Steeets & Trips. We actually used that program to fly power--lines in Florida!



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