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RCA Jack Y-Harness or Signal Splitter?

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Hi Folks,

I want to split the analog signal coming from the receiver (RCA-Jacks) to the camcorder. I need the signal to go into the camcorder and to the Virtual Reality Glasses.

Can I do it with a Y-Harness (RCA Jacks)?

If so, where can I purchase a Y-Harness with RCA Jacks?

Or do I need some sort of signal splitter?



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It is probably best to use a video buffer of some sort (I think Mr RC-CAM has described one somewhere) although I have got a away with just a simple Y lead on occasions. Try it and see! Another option might be available if the video recorder video out is active during recording. In that case Rx signal to recorder video in, recorder video out to glasses.

If you need/want to go the seperate video buffer route I might be able to find a simple circuit if necessary. See how you go.

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