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Newbe Needs Guidance

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I have been building up to this stage for quite some time. I have every thing that I need to fly from first person view. I have flown FPV about 3 times now, even without any info on altitude or air speed coming from the downlink. (With a spotter of course)

(Simply stated, MY GOAL is to be able to fly from FPV, one of my air vehicles and, If I were to lose signal, or the aircraft were to go out of range, or the video would stop broadcasting, then either I, or the failsafe, would trigger an enable to an on-board auto pilot, which would bring the aircraft back to me and then circle until I disabled the autopilot, and took control.)

I have been looking at the U-NAV web site and I am unsure of what to purchase. You see, I have two aircraft that I would like to try and utilize the same autopilot in. My question is, if I were to purchase an autopilot for a Kadet Senior, could I also use the same unit in a powered parachute. I realize the altitude hold would be different.

I would like to fully test the autopilot in either airframe. Can someone explain (in laymen’s terms) the scenario involved in setting up a Pico pilot to achieve the desired goal? I am not even sure if I need a Pico pilot. Maybe, you guys know of some other system that I am not aware of.

On a different note, how can I get around the slow framerate of my laptop? This makes me unconfortable to have about 2 seconds of lag-time. I am flying behind the airplane. Will I have to use a different source for a monitor? Suggestions?

My last question is regarding the use of an On Screen Display. I see that some people are using it and some people are not. I would personally enjoy having one like the Sky Spy unit. Suggestions?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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