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small video camera questions.

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been getting back into this hobby after a long absence, I have a older panasonic camera I am thinking about upgrading to a better camera. I have seen the BW high res camera, and while it is pretty nice, there are a couple of others I have seen that I was wondering if anyone else is using. There is also a varifocal lens on the first one.


I was thinking about hacking this with a small servo to run the zoom, would be pretty cool as long as the focus didn't shift with the zoom.


This is prety cheap for a 420 line camera with a sony super HAD ccd.

It seems that there are a lot more choices out there than there were just a couple of years ago, any input would be helpfull.



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Be careful with these varifocal lenses. There usually also is a focus ring, and... you have to adjust this one each time you change the focal length! I've got stuck with one not knowing what to do with it. The goal was the same, to use a servo to adjust zoom. But having to add a second one for focus and even worse to have to adjust it in flight is not cool.

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wow, thanks, you just saved me some $$ I guess I will stick with a fixed lense system for now. Most camcorders use a lense that holds it's focus regardless of zoom, so I may try adapting one of those if I can find a small one.

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