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Voltage Regulator Board Project

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I've been using the 200mW Lawmate Tx's (BlackwidowAV.com is a popular vendor for them). My installation procedure involves cutting off the nice looking 4-pin connector, cobbling together a 5V Vreg IC, and wiring all the bits up. But cutting off the factory installed connector just seems so crude. And, deadbug construction for the Vreg IC is just not exciting to me at all.

So, I did something about it -- I created a custom VReg PCB just for the 200mW Lawmate Tx. The assembled Vreg board is 1.1" x 0.8", 7 grams, and easily fits on top of the Tx. It has reverse polarity protection on the input and is designed to work with a 2-cell LiPO pack. It is a linear Vreg design, so it does run quite warm during operation (but that is accomodated with good air flow).

The icing on the cake is that it has a mating 4-pin connector for the 200mW Tx harness! Shagadelic Plug-n-go, yea baby.


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Great work Mr.RC-Cam

Spotted your latest creation on the first day of your post but was short of time to comment then.

A simple and very useful product you have produced.

I have wanted to find a source for that little connector, I had looked through Digikey but was basically lost with all the types.

It would appear that the transmitter in the photo is the moderately larger 12V 100Mw type. Thought I would point that out to prevent somebody being confused concerning it and the 5V 200mW TX you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing the info and making the PCB available.


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The connectors are available from digikey as that is where I buy ours. We use thru hole parts thus a better hold though people can ague that point till they are blue in the face. It is mainly a person's personal choice. We also use the non R/A ones but we glue the connector down. Digikey's part number for the vertical connectors is: WM1733-ND and for the R/A ones: WM1744-ND.

Have fun, BAGGS

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Hello Mr.RC-Cam

If I recall you had offered the PCB in sets of 4 for the regulator above.

Has your supply been exhausted?

I don't see the order link I thought was here. I have the assembly PDF by the way and don’t seem see that link either. Some post editing possibly or was it just a dream. :rolleyes:

Just getting around to doing a DigiKey order for some needed goodies.




Thanks for pointing out the other styles of connector. It didn't click with me that the original one was surface mount. I am contemplating using one of them for an inline end of wire connection.

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I have a few blank VReg pc boards available. While stock lasts they are $2 each, minimum 5 pcs per order. Price includes shipping! Paypal only.

If interested, PM me (don't use email or the spam filter will probably lose it). This offer is only available to registered RC-cam members and is valid until Dec-15-2006.

These boards are good for building up 5V, 9V, or 12V TO-263 pkg'd voltage regulators for your DiY projects. Perfect for LM2940 3-terminal series linear Vregs for camera power.

Documentation is listed in the link provided earlier.


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Personally, I don't do anything special concerning over-discharge since my video gear's battery packs reliably offer a couple hours use (that is plenty for me). Also, I tend to use small NiMH cells for the video gear, but occassionally use LiPO too.

FWIW, there are commercial audio and visual alarm gadgets out there that can be added if someone wanted a low voltage alert. I just don't need them myself. However, I am working on a new video Tx design that will include low voltage alarm telemetry to the mating video Rx. Like many folks, I like bells and whistles too. :)

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