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Itching to buy a Logic Analyzer?

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Hands-On Review: Analyzers Reveal Digital Secretes

Hey you Digital Designers -- Have you been looking to add a Logic Analyzer to your arsenal of lab tools? Well, the Dec-05-2005 issue of EDN (Electronic Design News) has an interesting hands-on review of seven affordable models. Unlike the typical >$25K logic analyzers that you often see in that publication, the author bench tested several of them that are surprisingly low cost (as low as $345).

Over the years I have seen the ads for these little PC connected bench top units. They all make great claims and tout their advantages. I was surprised to read that some are not as good as they seem. But, there were a couple of good ones in there; One highly rated choice was the $499 Techtools DigiView. I have some other Techtools products and they have all worked great for me.

If you do not subscribe to the print magazine then do not despair. The article is online at: http://www.edn.com/article/CA6288030.html

BTW, I use an old HP 1630D logic analyzer myself. Originally these sold for several thousand dollars. However, nowadays they can be bought on eBay for under $150. They are big, and the features are basic, but they do work well for digital TTL and microcontroller testing/debugging.

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I've been looking for USB scopes, there are a number out there. Parallax sells one as cheap as $130, there are a number of nicer models out for under $500. You never need one till you need it then the cursing starts :)


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