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Choosing power for a complex aircraft

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I'm new to RC flying but I am designing a system where I want two seperate sources of powr in nthe Air carft.

Main Flight Systems

For the Motor, receiver and Autopilot I'll be using a Lipoly 4200mha Battery which I hope may last upto 1.5hours on my V-tailed glider with a single engine 70WATT speed 400 motor.


I also have two video cameras and two associated transmitters, a GPS tracker (TinyTrackII) and an On Screen Display (OSD) module to display GPS info over the video signal.

The camera and transmitter set each need 9V. The GPS tracker needs at least 9V as does the OSD.

I'm using a tiny Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS which takes 2 AAA- I'm happy with this and sticking this power source.

The problem I have is to calculate how much battery capacity I should purchase to power the Sensors for a flight lasting upto one hour.

I know there are caluculations or equations but I can't find those that are more relavent to RC modelling. Does anyone have a guide or document showing how to relate voltage, capacity, consumption and power to selecting the right battery specification? For the Sensors I think I want a 11.1V battery but then what would I need to buy/build to reduce that voltage down to 9V for camera but keep it at 11.1 for the other sensors?

Any guidance, help or advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks & BR


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