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Some very old videos are collected here for convenient viewing. To play them you will need multimedia software such as the Microsoft Windows Media Player. They are all formatted as AVI files.

Most of the video files here are used to show the results of our X10 camera hacks. All of these short clips use video compression to help tame the file sizes. This tends to degrade the video quality (original videos look much better).

See a video clip from RC-CAM4 RC-CAM4 Video. This video demonstrates RC-CAM4, the last of our popular X10 wireless camera hacks. Medium resolution. Aug 2001. File Size = 10.5Meg.
RC-CAM3 Demo Movie R/C Heli Demo Video. Using RC-Cam3, here we compare the pilot's view to what bystanders would see. Medium resolution. June 2000. File Size = 14.3Meg.
See an actual R/C model heli take a spill! Heli Crash Video. Our helicopter makes a less-than-perfect landing. This short clip is from the RC-CAM3 system. Medium resolution. June 2000. File Size = 4.0Meg.
RC-CAM1 Airborne Camera Video. Poor Resolution! Dawn of Video. This is the original B/W film clip that was made during the maiden voyage of RC-CAM1. The video quality is so poor that the system was immediately retired. Very low resolution. Nov 1998. File Size = 3.7Meg.
Videos from the RC-Cam Soarstar e-plane More RC-CAM videos are on this page. Here you can see AVI clips taken from a Soarstar park flyer (R/C model electric airplane).
Free Microsoft Media Player Software. Get it here. Use this application to watch the AVI multimedia files.

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