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RC-CAM4 shown hereYou will need moderate electronic assembly experience to build the  RC-CAM4 wireless video system. If you are an entry-level electronic hobbyist then some of our information will be beyond your abilities. If this is the case then find someone with the tools and experience to help you out.

The RC-CAM project spans four generations of video systems. Here is a brief summary of each version:

Read more about RC-CAM1 First Generation. Off-the-shelf 434 Mhz wireless camera system. CMOS monochrome camera, sub-miniature video transmitter. Required HAM radio license, had poor video quality, and very short range.
Read more about RC-CAM2 Second Generation. Modified CMOS color video camera and 2.4 GHz transmitter using a $88 XCam system. Very low cost, but the camera video would often wash out. Airborne transmitter was big and bulky.
Read more about RC-CAM3 Third Generation. Based on RC-CAM2. Upgraded to a CCD color camera and eliminated most electronic modifications. Much improved video performance at slightly higher cost. Airborne transmitter still bulky.
Read more about RC-CAM4 Fourth Generation. Based on X10's tiny "XCam2" camera system. CCD color camera. Small size and weight (less than 6 oz) allows for installation on many R/C models. Good performance, but still short range (300 feet).

Please keep in mind that RC-CAM's XCam based wireless camera projects were developed over ten years ago. Since then, commercially produced miniature video systems for R/C use have appeared on the market. These remotely piloted models are now the basis of the fast growing FPV (first person view) hobby.

If you are interested in knowing more about the commercially sold wireless video systems then please do NOT ask us via a private email. Instead, please take the time to review the RC-CAM forum discussions. That is a great place to ask your R/C wireless video questions too.


R/C model aircraft are not toys and should be flown under the supervision of an experienced adult pilot. Our sponsors are not responsible for the content of this site and do not endorse radio controlled model helicopters or the use of video camera equipment on them (or any other R/C model). Our sponsors and/or the web site's authors are NOT responsible for any personal injury, property damage, or financial loss resulting from using the published information.

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