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Note: If you haven't read about my retired RC-CAM2 system then please click <here> .

Note: RC-CAM's XCam based wireless camera projects were developed a few years ago. Since then, commercially produced miniature video systems have appeared on the market. The prices on some of them are very affordable. But, if you have an old XCam wireless video system collecting dust and would like to use it on your R/C model, then our RC-CAM projects will surely help you out.

My RC-CAM3 project was my very successful followup to RC-CAM2. The RC-CAM3 added a high performance CCD color camera and a simple (but effective) antenna to the earlier system. Soon after, several dozen electronic hobbyists leveraged off its success and used ideas from the project to build their own R/C wireless video system. Something must have clicked with everyone, since I began to get an enormous number of emails from folks that built their own and were having a blast with it.

Click photo to read all about the RC-CAM3 R/C Model Heli Camera System RC-CAM3 used a Panasonic color camera and X10's XCam Anywhere video transmitter. The Panasonic camera eliminated the nagging video problems that the cheap X10 CMOS camera was causing. As with RC-CAM2, it broadcasted a 2.4 GHz microwave RF signal to my handycam/VCR that was connected to a stock XCam receiver. Video range was over four hundred feet, which was good enough for R/C model helicopter use.

Click this graphic to see the RC-CAM3 construction pageRC-CAM3 was very reliable and it served me well. I certainly enjoyed using it. However, you will soon discover that it has been replaced by a newer system. But don't worry, the RC-CAM3 construction project is still available for you to read. In fact, it is wise to read and understand the details to the project before you build the new version. Just click the graphic on the right to see ALL the technical details.

The new project offers a lighter, smaller, and easier to build system. So, let's move on to the amazing RC-CAM4.

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