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Lightweight Wireless Camera Enclosure

CamPod shown on a Soarstar
CamPod is a lightweight wireless camera system enclosure that you can build using craft store materials. It is totally self-contained and installs on your electric R/C model plane in seconds.

Mine is roomy enough to hold the XCam2 Tx board as well as many of the popular "sardine can" transmitters (e.g., Felsweb and Lawmate brands). It also holds the CCD camera, microphone, and battery pack.

With careful construction techniques, it should be able to withstand nearly any abuse a little R/C e-model can dish out. It is perfect for use on the Wingo, Soarstar, and Poppy electric R/C aircraft. It can be built to suit your needs and should fit nearly any 380 size e-flight model. It connects to the model using rubber bands and installation takes about thirty seconds.

The CamPod construction project is offered as an example of what you can make with some Coroplast or SturdyBoard. This material is very lightweight and low cost. A 20" x 30" piece of 3/16" thick SturdyBoard can be purchased from a craft store for about $3. That is enough to build dozens of camera system enclosures.

The photos should help you construct your CamPod enclosure. I do not offer detailed instructions, but rather I leave the cutting and gluing up to you. Suffice to say, you should plan on dry-fitting your pieces before grabbing the bottle of glue. A very sharp X-Acto knife makes clean cuts in the material. Elmer's glue is perfect for SturdyBoard, however Coroplast is best assembled with CA adhesive.

The first thing you need to do is to determine the size of the enclosure. I suggest you try to minimize the size and weight. Mine ended up being 5" long x 2.8" wide x 1" high. Total weight for the assembled SturdyBoard box was about one-half ounce. Final weight, with all electronics and batteries, was a tad over three ounces. Not bad for a strap-on wireless camera pod!

The following photos tell most of the story. The rest is up to your imagination:

Click the photos for larger view
Basic Box Layout -- Click for larger photo Electronics Mounted -- Click for larger photo
Battery and Camera Mounting -- Click for larger photo Rubber Bands Hold it on -- Click for larger photo

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