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RC-CAM's Special Projects

Useful R/C projects are collected here. Check this page from time to time to see the latest gadgetry from the RC-CAM labs.

Some of the projects use software based designs. There is no charge for the software/firmware when used in personal hobby projects. However, commercial use is forbidden unless written approval is granted (contact us by email).

Please be aware that the information is copyright protected, so you are not authorized to republish it, distribute it, or sell it, in ANY form. If you wish to share these designs, please do so only by providing a link to the RC-CAM site. You are granted permission to post links to the web site's main page ( Please respect this simple request.

Bit-Switch Project Bit-Switch: This micro sized servo signal On-Off decoder can be used in any application where size and weight are critical.
CamMan Family of Camera Controllers CamMan: Have you ever wanted to take digital photographs from your model aircraft? Well, here is all the information you need to adapt low cost digital cameras for R/C control. This project has been built by hundreds of R/C'ers.
XCam-Ant Project CamPod: A lightweight wireless camera system enclosure that you can build using craft store materials. Perfect for mounting your camera system on a Wingo or Soarstar.
Poor Man Patch Antenna Project GP Patch Antenna: High performance 2.4Ghz Patch antenna. Finally, detailed plans for a Goof Proof Patch. It's easy to build your own high gain antenna, so prepare to roll up your sleeves.
XCam-FSM Project HamCam-ID'er: Automatic ham call sign annunciator using solid state audio recording module. Small size, low current -- perfect for R/C wireless video transmitters.
Imported Wireless Video System Review Hong Kong Video System: Like a lot of other R/C'ers, we bought an imported wireless video system from an eBay seller. Do you get what you pay for? See what we learned here.
CamMan Landtastic: The ultimate R/C model retract controller. User configurable Servo-Slow allows realistic landing gear movement. In addition, it offers remotely operated Landing Lights and a Lost Model Locator.
CamMan Lawmate Video System Tricks: Some useful tweaks and hacks for the popular 200mW Lawmate wireless video system.
LED Calculator LED Calc: Are you installing LED's on your R/C model? Tired of trying to figure out the LED's resistor value? If so, then let this LED Calculator do all the work for you!
Lost Model Alarm Lost Model Alarm: LoMA has to be the world's simplest Lost Model Alarm. Only three parts! The loud 85dB alarm ensures that you will find your lost model.
MicroSizer Bitchar-G Hacks Micro-sized Airplane: Have you seen those 2.5" long R/C cars? Ever wonder if you could use their electronic guts to control a tiny model airplane? Well, wonder no more!
Nav Lights Nav-Lights: R/C controlled navigation lights. Add realistic anti-collision strobes, landing, and wing tip lights to any R/C aircraft. Includes handy R/C signal glitch counter too!
PanCam Project PanCam: Add precise pan and tilt camera control to your airborne video system. A tiny microcontroller is used to adapt standard R/C servos for camera positioning. This versatile project includes several features, some of which will find their way into non-video R/C applications.
R/C Antenna Experiments R/C Antenna Experiments: What happens when you lengthen, shorten, wrap, or otherwise torture your R/C receiver's antenna? Well, if you have ever wondered, then come along and join us for a little bit of experimentation.
R/C Fail Safe Project RCFS-V2: Add R/C Fail-Safe features to any servo. A microcontroller continuously monitors the servo's pulse signal and it takes over if the transmitted R/C signal is bad. For use with PPM (AM/FM) Rx's.
R/C Fail Safe Version II RCFS: Our original R/C Fail-Safe project. It has been replaced by RCFS-V2 (see above).
R/C Frequency Monitor RC-Mon: Build your own low cost R/C frequency monitor. You can use this to check for interference from other transmitters and glitch inducing noise sources at your flying site.
R/C Servo Tester Project RCST: R/C Servo Tester. This pocket sized device is perfect for checking and testing your servos. It features digital accuracy and convenient features, including a servo exercise mode.
Top Gun AWS Combat Top RC-Gun AWS: This fun R/C aerial combat system lets you command your own dog fight missions. It is based on the HobbyZone Combat module.
Top Gun Combat Top RC-Gun: This is our original R/C aerial combat system. Simple one-IC construction. Please note that it has been replaced by the Top RC-Gun AWS project (see link above).
VReg Primer Voltage Regulator: Learn how to create a DC-DC Regulated Switching supply for your wireless video transmitter and camera. Cost is under $10!
XCam-FSM Project XCam-FSM: Add a signal strength meter to your XCam receiver. A digital display tells you the relative signal strength of the received video broadcast.
XCam-Ant Project XCam-Ant: Construct a simple pre-amplified ground plane Rx antenna. This project is for folks with experience in building UHF/Microwave antennas.

All information is provided as-is. I do not offer any warranty on its suitability. That means that if you build and use these devices, you will do so at your own risk.

 © 2001-2015 RC-CAM, all rights reserved.