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CamMan Projects

The various CamMan R/C camera controller projects are found here. The family has grown to include support for several popular digital cameras. Frankly, there hasn't been a better time to try out R/C model aerial photography.

There is no charge for the software/firmware when used in personal hobby projects. However, commercial use is forbidden. The information is copyright protected, so you are not authorized to republish it, distribute it, or sell it, in any form.

If you wish to share these designs, please do so only by providing a link to the RC-CAM site. You are granted permission to post links to the web site's main page ( Please respect this simple request.

CamMan CamMan-Aiptek: Aerial photography is affordable and rewarding. Add this tiny circuit to the low cost Aiptek Mini PenCam digital camera and snap photos from your R/C model. Other cameras can be used with this project too.
CamMan-SD CamMan-SD: This CamMan project supports the Aiptek PenCam SD 1.3M digital camera. See all the camera modification details here.
CamMan-Gsmart CamMan-GSmart: This CamMan project supports the Mustek GSmart Mini-2 and Mini-3 digital cameras. See all the details here.
CamMan CamMan-Sony DSC-U20: This CamMan project supports the Sony DSC-U20 and U30 Cybershot digital camera. See all the details here.
CamMan CamMan-XP: This CamMan project describes how to build a special camera shutter controller for HobbyZone's low cost X-Port equipped R/C model airplanes.


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All information is provided as-is. I do not offer any warranty on its suitability. That means that if you build and use these devices, you will do so at your own risk.

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