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Chapter 1:

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

In the 1960's and 1970's I flew control line and radio controlled model airplanes. I was just a kid using money earned from odd-jobs and the hobby was a quite a financial strain to keep up with. Sure I could buy a balsa wood airplane kit for $5, but that took ten lawn mowing jobs! And good radio control gear at the time cost about $3800 in equivalent {year 2015} US dollars.

To stretch my limited budget I bought used radio gear and even built several of my own radio control systems from kits and magazine plans. In contrast, awesome computerized radio systems are now available for under $200.

In the mid-1980's I got into R/C cars. I built several electric and gas powered models. The hobby was rapidly growing at the time and it was not uncommon to find others to race. But my work schedule was getting very hectic and I had to "retire" from the hobby for awhile.

After a long absence, I restarted the R/C hobby in the late 1990's. I flew nitro powered R/C helicopters for a couple years but have migrated back to flying airplanes. I also fly multicopters. I prefer electric powered aircraft nowadays (modern battery technology is amazing).

If you have R/C model related questions then PLEASE ask them at the sites mentioned at the bottom of the main page. Sorry, but I will NOT be able to respond to your model helicopter or airplane related questions.

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