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Concept 30 Model Helicopter

Chapter 3: How Much is that Heli in the Window?

I must warn you that Radio Control Model Helicopters are expensive. Entry level kits with radio gear and accessories start at about $1,000. Even more important is that the flying learning curve is steep -- you will NOT be able to fly right out of the box. Sorry, but your Nintendo 64 joystick talents mean nothing to this hobby.

Expect several months of training and be sure that you keep your credit card primed to finance the usual crash damage costs. Before you get involved be sure to visit your local hobby shop to inquire if there is a model heli club that has experts to help you learn.

And by all means use the Great Planes Real Flight Deluxe, Dave Brown RCFS, CSM 3-in-1 RC Flight, or any other good R/C model heli flight simulator before you destroy your expensive model on its first flight. The cost of a software based model heli simulator is about the same as you will spend on just two typical crashes -- but the life-like flight experience that simulators provide will certainly save you from spending your entire savings account on replacement parts.

The airborne camera equipment and the ground based receiver that I will help you build is very low cost. You will soon see that a wireless camera system can be built for under $200. But as we have already mentioned, some assembly is required.

If you have model heli related questions then PLEASE ask them at the sites mentioned at the bottom of the main page. Sorry, but I will NOT be able to respond to your model heli related questions.

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