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Chapter 4: Blast Off!

First some history about my eye-in-the-sky endeavors. This site came about because of a prototype airborne camera system I put together in the late 1990's.  I had mounted a miniature Black & White (B/W) camera with a wireless video transmitter on my model helicopter and I recorded a short flight while my model was flying about six feet off the ground.

I transmitted the helicopter based video to a receiver that was about 100' away and everything was recorded on a VCR tape. Although the video was poor (due to the transmitter I used), everyone that heard about it demanded to see the AVI video file that I created.

Play Maiden Voyage FilmWithin a few days several hundred interested folks had downloaded the rather primitive video clip. The excitement was almost like Apollo landing on the moon back in 1969. I knew that I needed a better camera system and I realized that others would like to know what I did. So naturally this site was born. Click the link to see it for yourself.

The above photo shows my camera equipped Concept 30 R/C heli during its 1999 maiden voyage. The RC-CAM is the white box mounted to the landing skids (far left). You may notice that I have training gear on too since I was new to the hobby. In the background is my backyard that doubles as a world-class heli training grounds (or so I would like to think).

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